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Boasting thousands of top-notch employees across the MENA region, we are one of the region's top employers of choice. We attract ambitious, talented, self-driven, and target-oriented professionals by crafting and promoting a fulfilling and rewarding corporate culture.

We strive to foster a work environment that encourages employee engagement, teamwork, healthy competition, and initiative. We recognize that our people are our most valuable asset, and thus we constantly look inward for inspiration, creating internal programs that capitalize on the knowledge and skills of our employees.

A career with us is more than just a job, it is an opportunity to pursue growth, passion, and success within a diverse and dynamic organization.

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Recognition and Appreciation

We celebrate employees who excel – both in their performance and in embodying our values – to maintain a positive and stimulating work environment. We award our employees based on their performance, loyalty, tenure, innovation, excellence, and creativity. We are constantly looking for new ways to recognize their achievements and inspire them to aim for new heights.


Cultivation of Leaders and Growth Opportunities

We believe in the importance of building our internal leadership capabilities. Our People Planning Process, which is based on a set of tailored best practices, aims to retain and engage our top talents. Hence, it provides them with structured growth, coaching and career development opportunities to expand their knowledge, reach their full potential and ensure business continuity. We balance between promotion from within and attraction of talent from without.

A Commitment to Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is crucial to the success of our business. Hence, we have developed structured communication channels with management so our employees can directly convey anything from concerns and grievances to feedback and inquiries. We also conduct organization engagement surveys on a regular basis to improve our operations across the group.


The Fine Family Spirit

We are one big family; we seek to nurture a sense of belonging and ownership, and we encourage open dialogue and communication within our team. The family values we instill in our work culture are also reflected on the families of our employees, as we ensure they are provided with the work-life balance that suits their personal circumstances.

A Safe, Inclusive Work Environment

We are committed to providing all employees with a safe and comfortable work environment. We uphold the strictest health and safety measures, and we make sure that all employees are trained and continuously updated on health and safety protocols.


Internships Opportunities

We cultivate the knowledge and skills of the next generation of leaders and innovators through a variety of academic and non academic internship opportunities as part of our CareerStarter@FHH program that are offered to high school students, undergraduates, graduates and postgraduates. We look for ambitious interns with good interpersonal skills and willingness to learn and we will provide them with invaluable and practical learning experiences.

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